Tallahassee Democrat: “A story so bizarre it’s got to be true,” is the billing given for this Tuesday’s Florida Recount Reunion that The Village Square is hosting downtown. It’s been — how could it be? — a full decade since that historically indecisive presidential election brought the world to our feet here in the Florida capital. Quite literally, for 37 days, the foot of the Capitol and Supreme Court building on Duval Street took on the appearance of a camp site with breezy white tents shielding camera equipment and TV production gear in what was still a pre-digital era.

From all over the globe came the media, the law and the amazed who could not quite believe that an American presidential election hung in the balance for so long — and hung on such unexpected flotsam of democracy as something we came to call hanging chads, and also butterflies.

The Village Square is sponsoring the Recount Reunion, considering that we might extract some insights from what was another era after all, and arguably less politically contentious in spite of passions running high.

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(Photo: My daughter Eden in one of her first “assignments” as a journalist.)