We’re excited to have been contacted by This American Life (we think we’re getting a reputation). Turns out they’re looking for a relationship strained over politics to feature on the radio. We told them we’d help and we’re going to even sweeten the deal. If you contact them and they choose your story, we’ll buy you and your fellow strainee 2 tickets to our September 11th Dinner at the Square featuring Jonathan Haidt on Polarization, Demonization & Paralysis in American Politics. It’ll be a perfect icebreaker to start the rebuilding. We’d love to see our hometown be a part of this national story!

Here’s their invitation to Tallahassee:

The public radio show “This American Life” is seeking interview subjects for a story on how the Red/Blue split in this country is affecting relationships between friends and family members. If you or someone you know is struggling to deal with a political divide with someone you care about ­or desperately wants to rebuild a relationship that has suffered because of politics — please contact us at storypitch@thislife.org or 212-624-5022.

*Surely there will be many more casting calls…