California Here We Come:
LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman Provides Grant for Village Square expansion to California

We are truly thrilled to announce that LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman has granted $150,000.00 to The Village Square to grow into California!! We’re beyond excited about the opportunity Reid is offering us to become a part of a vibrant civic life in new American hometowns. (First, California… then we plan to get to work on every hometown in between.) We hope you’ll take a moment to “meet” Reid – and learn what big thinking has led him to an interest in The Village Square in this fascinating Wired UK profile – Reid Hoffman: The Network Philosopher.  We’ll be partnering with noted academic Dr. Jonathan Haidt of NYU, called “one of the smartest psychologists alive” and his organization to evaluate and execute the grant work.  If you really want to get something done, we couldn’t possibly be keeping better company these days. Look out rude, demonizing, superficial and circular civic discourse, we’re coming for you… We’re busy right now learning about civics in the Golden State, meeting new “neighbors” and having fascinating conversations. Soon we’ll be launching a national Village Square site along with city-specific California sites. If you’re interested in participating, you have an organization in California that might be interested in partnering with us, or you just want to learn more, contact Liz Joyner at 850.264.8785 or