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Specks and logs

For the sake of truth in advertising, perhaps 2.5-ish centuries of one national motto is enough and we should switch to go with a motto that seems to (too often) be the real tone in modern America. So how’s this for a redo on E pluribus unum:

“I see the speck in your eye, but haven’t a clue about the log in mine.”

How’s that for helping to chart the future of America in the world?

Maybe you’ve got other ideas?

Florence Snyder: A reflection for our third graders

Saturday started out so happily for me and moviegoers all over America.

The Metropolitan Opera’s centennial production of Puccini’s La fanciulla del West was beamed to big screens across America. Audiences were enthralled by the by rootin’ tootin’ lotsa shootin’ Old West romance staged in Italian by an international company of musical magicians, all plainly enjoying themselves.┬áThe afternoon orgy of opera and popcorn rendered fans mercifully oblivious to the real bullets flying at a New West strip mall in Tucson.

By the time I left the theater and turned on my car radio, the Perpetual Scream Machine that passes for political discourse was in hyperdrive. Police had not yet had time to notify all the families of Jared Loughner’s victims, but that did not stop any of the usual suspects from fingering all of their usual targets. Read all »