The difficulties pale beside the richness of the talk.

The Reverend Wiliam McD. Tully
Rector, St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in New York City


Dinner at the Square

Dinner at the Square is our signature Village Square event. Each year, there will be a new dinner “season” announced, launching in the fall. Dinners are relaxed, friendly events that are different than the usual civic fare.┬áThe idea behind them is to breathe a little life into the neighborly civic connections that used to exist without much effort on our part, reviving the vibrant American marketplace of ideas (and hopefully having fun) while we do it. We think it’s past time to bring back the spirit of the quintessentially American town hall, where foes become partners in futures that are inextricably linked. As much as we want to blame Washington, ultimately this work can only be done between neighbors like us in hometowns like this one – where we borrow cups of sugar and carpool to softball games. To learn more about each program and listen to program audio, click on the pictures below. You can also check out past Dinner at the Square programming at the original Tallahassee Village Square here.

Past dinners

  • Something Red, Something Blue
  • Surrendering Democracy
  • Are We Safe?
  • Homeless.