You are the Village Square. Small contributions x a community of people = BIG results. Here are a number of ways that you can help:

1. Tell us your ideas   We’re all ears about making the Village Square a vibrant part of our Sacramento community.   Email us.

2. Join  Help us make our goal of 300 memberships!  A $68 tax-deductible donation makes you part of what we’re calling “the 68% solution.” Our strange number refers to the 68.2% of a population that is within one standard deviation of the mean. This approach considers the more challenging engagement between the political left and right critical to creating intelligent solutions. 68% solutions are more durable solutions that transcend ideology, discourage political gutterball, outlast the next election cycle and create a strong foundation on which to build lasting results.  Memberships come with a year-long 10% off discount at our partner restaurants.  Get more information and become a member HERE.

3. Attend our events  …and bring your friends. “We the People” needs – uh “we the people” to show up. Be a part of getting the buzz going.

thumbnail email newsletter4. Stay in touch: Subscribe to The Flying Pig, join our Facebook & Twitter groups  How in the world will you be able to hang out with us if you don’t know where to go? Our low volume (and we really mean low) email updates mean you get the info, we save the stamp.  How smart is that?  Subscribe HERE. If you don’t want to miss the latest breaking news & posts, become a fan of The Village Square on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

5. Learn more about us.  Read this stirring true story of our founding HERE (queue up birds singing).

6. Become a community partner or a sponsor    $275 a year makes you a Community Partner, puts you on our website and in our programs and gets you in the company of cool (and extremely civil) people.  $500 and above makes you a Sponsor and gives you more perks at different levels.   You can make your donation online (partnership and sponsorship) or by mail with a check made out to “Valley Vision” (memo line: Village Square), mailed to Valley Vision, 2320 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818.

7. Join Team WIKI  We the Wiki is a tool to take good citizenship online to solve problems rather than e-scream at each other.  (We named it in a hat tip to the whole “We the People” notion that made America.) Confused about a local issue or clueless about a state WIKI LOGO V1vote? Look it up on the Wiki for a basic primer built by fellow citizens in constructive partnership. Your part? As simple as adding what you know to the mix.  Good behavior is mandatory, so if you want to hurl putrid names at the people you disagree with, you’ll have to go to the whole rest of the internet.

8. Blog with us   We’re auditioning across-the-aisle blogging partners, so grab a friend and a pen and take a go at it. We’ll also be looking for a single Village Square-ish writer or two.  As we go national, maybe you get famous? Get more info HERE.

9. Volunteer your talent   We need moderators, panelists on many different topics, computer whizzes, videographers, sound technicians, bloggers, drivers… well, you get the idea.  We need you. Whatever your particular talent, a small contribution of your time can yield big results.  Let us know how you’d like to help.

10. Suggest issues for forums

Community leaders and engaged citizens are often in the unique position to know when there is an issue that would benefit from a factual, civil discussion. See one, give us a yell. This project is all about getting our city talking about what matters.  A note about topics we take on and those we don’t:  The Village Square doesn’t advocate for anything, no matter how good a cause it is.  So we tend to take on hot topics that are already issues where there is disagreement in the community rather than ones that someone hopes will become an issue.

11. Read “The Big Sort” by Bill Bishop    Bishop’s tour de force The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-minded America is Tearing Us Apart issues an important warning & shows why The Village Square is mandatory rather than optional. It will change the way you think about politics forever. Really.

12. Invite us to come speak to your group or your class.  We’ll fill you in on the project and on how you can get involved and why it is so important.

13. Brush up on your civility    The Village Square is a nervy group of liberals and conservatives who believe that civil dialogue, disagreement and discernment of fact make for a good conversation, a good country (and a good time). We’d like you to come on in and pull up a chair. But it is a dedication to civility that makes strong disagreement constructive in building countries and communities (yellers don’t actually ever convince anyone). We think we’re on firm ground here as our very own first president George Washington wrote 110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation. For example:

9th Spit not in the Fire, nor Stoop low before it neither Put your Hands into the Flames to warm them, nor Set your Feet upon the Fire especially if there be meat before it.

69th If two contend together take not the part of either unconstrained; and be not obstinate in your own Opinion.

86th In Disputes, be not So Desireous to Overcome as not to give Liberty to each one to deliver his Opinion.