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Your tax-deductible donation to The Village Square of $68 or more qualifies you for an annual membership. Or become a sustaining member by clicking on one of our recurring donations at the very bottom of the page (this will automatically re-up your membership every year, absolutely no effort on your part ever again). Our strange number, $68, is from the 68.2% of a population that is within one standard deviation of the mean. This approach considers the more challenging engagement between the political left and right critical to creating intelligent solutions. Read more about 68% solutions HERE. To become a member online, simply click the big flying pig below. You may also mail your $68 or greater donation made out to “Valley Vision” (memo line: Village Square), to Valley Vision, 2320 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818 (Sacramento Village Square will keep more of your donation made by check).

Membership Perks

We invite you to become a member of The Village Square Sacramento.  Our membership base provides a critical mass needed for successful events.  More importantly, the benefits of membership include:

  • The honor of being a member of an outstanding forum for civilized and reasoned debate in the Sacramento region.
  • The opportunity to participate in civic engagement and dialog, the mission of The Village Square.
  • A commitment to a better community and a better nation.
  • An invitation for you and your guest to all pre-dinner speaker receptions hosted by The Village Square leadership (aka “Big Pigs”).
  • Village Square bumper sticker (3.75″ square)
  • An invitation to the annual member appreciation event.
  • Note: The first 50 members will receive a few extra perks as “founding member,” including a founding member event.

Make a recurring donation

All of these recurring donations will qualify you for an annual Village Square membership. The first payment will be made upon completion of the paypal form. If you would like to make a recurring donation in an amount not shown here, contact Liz Joyner at In your honor, we’ll even name a new donation pig for you to click on.


Other Donation Options

Click on the links below to learn about other ways you can support the work of The Village Square Sacramento through becoming a community partner, a sponsor or donating a scholarship dinner ticket. All contributions are tax-deductible within limits of the law.

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