The Village Square Sacramento needs you! There is a good chance that whatever your area of interest, we can find a spot for you. Anyone volunteering at our dinners gets free dinner, so why in the world wouldn’t you? (These slots will fill up over time, then no more free dinners…)

Here are some specific current needs:

  1. Dinner volunteer: These volunteers help us set tables, clear tables, direct guests and be generally kind and civil.  But as good as all that is, the best part is they *EAT FREE.*
  2. Social media:  All about Tweeting?  Can’t get off your Facebook.  Use your power for good by helping us spread the word about the Village Square and upcoming programming.  We love to have live tweeting at events if you’re game #vsq.
  3. Blog writers:  Call and we’ll give you details.  We’re particularly interested in people who can write about local and state issues.
  4. Dinner reception volunteer:  We need people to help us set up and clean up receptions.
  5. Speakers Bureau (and moderators too): We are always looking for good people to speak on various issues. If you can be civil then why not you? And if you’re interested on being the moderator on a topic, let us know too.

Contact Robyn Krock at if you’d like to volunteer.